Internal Audit Service

  • Are you having a difficult time managing you internal audit program?
  • Do you find yourself constantly changing or adjusting your audit schedule due to limited resources?
  • Are you finding it more and more difficult determining the availability of your internal auditors because, well, they’re just not available?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Quality Systems Enhancement has a solution for you. Aside from providing premier quality consulting and training services for the past thirteen years, QSE now offers Internal Auditing Services. QSE has recognized the above concerns throughout the quality arena and has developed a program to help organizations resolve those concerns and add value to the company. Following is just a partial list of benefits you will receive by using QSE’s Internal Audit program:

  • Audits performed by qualified, experienced auditors.
  • True independence of audits is maintained.
  • Value added process.
  • Complete independent evaluation of your system.
  • Saves time by not having to manage the audit system. We do it for you.
  • Valuable resources are not pulled from daily activities.
  • System is maintained in a state of readiness for registrar evaluations.

QSE can provide an audit schedule that meets your needs. Audits are typically performed twice per year in conjunction with registrar surveillance audits. The benefit here is two-fold. Not only do you get a professional, in-depth evaluation of your system, but also it is done prior to the registrar surveillance audit to ensure everything is in order.

The number of audit days required depends on the size of the company and the particular quality standard being audited. You have invested substantial capital and resources to implement your quality system. Do you really think you are getting value added audit results that can drive your organizations improvement process? If not, then let QSE help achieve a significant return on your investment by providing on going, value added Internal Audits for your organization.

Call now for a free, no obligation assessment of your needs. For registered companies struggling with supplier development, call now to see how QSE’s auditing programs can help.