Topic Sub Topic Details
Organizational Environment Products/Services Key Products/Services…relative importance to organization’s success…Market share of key products/Services
Workforce Profile Employee strength ( Mention strength in the scope of the QMS)..Contractors  employed ?? Union representation etc
Assets Major Facilities, Technology/Equipment…locations worldwide ( if applicable)
Regulatory Requirements Key Regulatory requirements …if any…Include anything specific for export orders
Organizational relationships Org structure Org structure / Governance system…
Customers/Stakeholders Key Market segments…Requirements in each of these markets…Customer satisfaction  for key products/segments, Customer support etc
Suppliers/Partners Key suppliers contributing to 80% of spend…( Focus only on those suppliers adding value to your product /service)…Key supply chain requirements??

Organizational situation

Competition Key competitors in major market segments…
Strategic intent Key strategies to ensure market leadership exit strategy for products /services not doing well in the market
Transition Planning Template