AIB – Consolidated Standard for Food Safety in the world

The AIB consolidated food safety is a recently developed tool designed for food processing plants to assess and evaluate the risks involved in the production of their products. The standard sets a global framework for food processors to mitigate risky production of food from processing, packaging and supply. The approach taken in the AIB standards involves allocation of a score rating for food processing companies based on certain criteria set by the U.S. Federal Food Drug and Cosmetic Act and the UK Food Safety (General Food Hygiene) Regulations.

The charter promotes organizational and personal practices that are aimed to safeguard food processing through pest control, microbial action control and general food safety standards. It provides a facilitative initiative to consolidate all assessment procedures of food processing and outlines the mandatory reactionary approaches that should be taken in case of a breach of food safety standards. The AIB consolidated food safety standards are internationally binding and have been instrumental in promoting responsibility of food processing practices and untimely safe food for global consumption.

The following are some of the requirements for AIB:

Need for food processing companies to develop a pest control initiative through modern techniques

  • Requirements set out for companies to conduct self-assessment in line with the AIB approaches to see where they stand as far as food safety standards are concerned.
  • AIB mandates that organizations should have effective cleaning mechanisms for food process equipment to remove periodic toxins in the process.
  • Companies are required to develop an effective quality manual for production that is consistent with the foundational requirements of the AIB initiative.
  • The AIB consolidated food safety standards have also enshrined a fundamental requirement for companies to consistently audit control systems in their production process to remove any potential areas of threat.

Implementing the AIB consolidated food safety standards has a lot of advantages. The benefits that will translate to your business are simple amazing and include:

  • AIB food safety standards allow organizations involved in food processing to certify the food they have produced is safe. Thus increasing sales and increase consumer satisfaction.
  • The AIB food safety standards are also significantly important in creating an effective management tool in food processing companies to asses the potential risks they face as well as the necessary actions to be taken
  • Uniquely designed to create a legally binding platform for food processors to adhere to international safety standards

Our Approach

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