ISO TS 16949 – Automotive Standard

ISO TS 16949 is a quality management assurance system that is primarily focused on the automobile industry. The certification presents a global standard to measure the effective capacity of the Automobile sector from production to supply and vice versa. The charter provides a clear-cut guideline on best practices in the development design, manufacturing and production of automobiles as well as other related products. The standard is the product of a well researched assessment of the Automobile industry and includes sector players in the development of the action plan.

Presents a global effort by stakeholders in the automobile industry and related sectors to promote the best and well developed management policies in the production of Automobiles in an effort to secure a safety and quality measure. Renowned Automobiles manufactures in the world such as BMW are all under the initiative. ISO TS 16949 reassures integrity and quality system control in all levels of production including supply of modern Automobiles. The initiative has also been part of the International Automotive Task Force (IATF) policy frameworks.

The requirements for the ISO 16949 certification will all touch on the necessary sectors of the production.

They include among others the following important areas:

  • Documentation on the development of effective production systems in automobile manufacturing and procedures of supply and distribution.
  • Quality assurance measures and responsibility of Automobile manufacturers for supply.
  • Informative and well experienced staff and employees in the organization.

The few requirements of the ISO TS 16949 certification have all translated to very fruitful benefits. International binding benchmarks have presented the initiative for companies in the automobile sectors towards quality management practice. They include the following benefits:

  • Certification provides international recognition and approval in the manufacturing and supply of automobiles.
  • Creates a standardized sector rational to measure the effective capacity of industry players to produce high quality products that are secure for supply.
  • Promotes consistency in effective management in the Automobile sector in order to ensure quality production is maintained at all angles to the letter.
  • ISO TS 16949 is informative in modern production practices that are cost effective and risk mitigated.
  • Presents a simple and singular management strategy that covers a multi-dimensional organization to guarantee safe quality production and supply.

Our Approach

QSE adopts a “Ten Step Approach” to Registration. This approach, designed and perfected by QSE, addresses each element of the Standard in an easy to implement manner. Various elements merge with each other seamlessly and so effortlessly that the end product is a top-notch quality system. This quality system meets or exceeds the requirements of any Registrar and promotes a culture of quality consciousness throughout the organization. Our approach is so complete that we have helped over 600 companies obtain certification, of which, majority have obtained certification with zero deficiencies.