Guaranteed Bottom Line Improvement : Optimizing Your Profits Through Lean Methodologies

The overall productivity and efficiency of an organization can be measured through increasing returns. In order to achieve this, companies will have to ensure that  effective management, sustainable methodologies and skills management are in place. These are significant in a company’s profit margin since they are critical factors which directly affects cost and quality production. Understanding the importance of practicing lean quality procedures and efficient risk strategies have great impact to the overall cost and financial performance of an organization. Therefore, a lean and sustainable methodology is vital and should be implemented in order to achieve production efficiency and significant improvements in your margin profits.

QSE understands the company’s methodology is a crucial facet in the success of increasing financial returns. Methodologies are the framework in which a company will effectively operate to achieve its full potential both in performance and financial competitiveness. QSE designed and developed the Bottom Line Improvement program to aid organizations who are looking to optimize their investment and see significant results in their gains through lean methodologies. This program consists of 10-step disciplined path with the use of diverse quality management tools such as lean tools, six sigma tools and SPC Tools. The Bottom Line Improvement program also utilizes disciplined problem solving approaches such as Design of experiments and 8D problem solving techniques.

By incorporating proven quality management strategies in our program, the Bottom Line Improvement program guarantees 15% bottom line improvement from the established baseline performance of your profits. The program addresses issues concerning critical areas of your business which are considered high risk and have grave impact on your cost. These issues are project life cycle, recouping investment, product segmentation, capital demands and competitive costing. By properly implementing the Bottom Line Improvement program, organizations can also manage changes brought by different factors essential to the growth of your company profits.

The Bottom Line Improvement program is a 12-month project that guarantees savings and higher quality in production. By implementing the Bottom Line Improvement program, you can easily measure profits by projects and have objective controls in determining milestones and areas of improvement. This should result to an improved strategy in increased productivity and cost reduction.

Benefits of Bottom Line Improvement Program

  • Reduction of operating costs, improvement in financial performance and higher customer satisfaction.
  • Improved quality in production and margin profits
  • Higher competitiveness to achieve greater market share
  • Cost effective skills management and employee retention practices
  • Maximized investments in supply management chain critical to product distribution

Business Impact

  • Optimized production leading to higher revenue returns
  • Efficient workforce and work procedures
  • Adaptability to change through tested quality risk management methodologies
  • Quality production and higher customer satisfaction
  • Cost efficiency resulting to higher profitability

The Bottom Line Improvement (BLI) program is one of QSE’s most in-demand excellence tools, delivering significant improvements to an organization’s overall production and cost. By implementing this 12-month program through our very own 10-step disciplined path, we have successfully helped organizations experience a 15% improvement on their workforce’s performance. If you want to know more how our Bottom Line Improvement program can help your company, contact our QSE consultants now.