What is Environmental and Safety Compliance Audit ?

Audit that specifically deals with environmental issues through the identification of an organization’s vulnerabilities and potential regulatory violations. The Environmental and Safety Compliance Audit is a means through which areas of potential non-compliance are identified and recommendations for their resolutions are made. Environmental problems within an organization or business are identified and resolved before an EPA, OSHA or DOT Audit finds them.Companies and businesses are benefited by participating in the audit by avoiding regulatory penalties on environmental issues.

Who Should Pursue?

  • Various industry market segments should go for the Environmental and Safety Compliance Audit. This industry market segment includes: Healthcare, manufacturing mining non-profit organisations, petroleum, primary metals, real estate, retail trade, transportation, utilities, forestry products, consumer services, consumer products, constructions, communications chemicals, automotive, agriculture and aerospace.
  • Governments should also go for the Environmental and Safety Compliance Audit. Some of the government sectors include: Municipal, regional, state and federal governments especially within the United States.
  • Those who wish to develop, manage, and implement environmental engineering design. Also, health and safety programs that shall ultimately ensure that the places people live and work are better.
  • Municipal, regional, state and federal governments that need to include environmental management and restoration programs. These include: Engineering design, operation and maintenance remedial system optimization, solid/hazardous waste, planning, pollution prevention, range assessments and clearance as well as minimization.

Benefits of Environmental and Safety Compliance Audits

  • Helps companies and businesses change their processes from system planning to software and interactive mapping development to infrastructure management.
  • The Environmental and Safety Compliance Audit helps companies in software development in areas such as internet design and deployment, Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) management systems design and development, document management systems, mobile technology development and decision support system.
  • Helps businesses and organizations to environmental management and planning.
  • Assess their facilities and compliance with applicable national, state/provincial, and local regulations.
  • Evaluate their solid and hazardous waste management/disposal activities, waste water generation and discharge, storm water discharge, air sources and emissions, and finally chemical storage.
  • Equally help businesses and organizations do emergency planning depending on their scope and specific facility type.

Our approach

QSE adopts a “Ten Step Approach” to Implementation. This approach, designed and perfected by QSE, addresses each facet in an easy to implement manner. Tools merge with each other seamlessly and so effortlessly that the end product is a top-notch quality.